EGX 2018!

I consider gaming to be a lifelong passion of mine, so it might come as a surprise to some that I’ve never been to any organised gaming events before. I’ve spent far longer than I’d ever willingly admit playing games, watching YouTubers give their thoughts on topics, reading articles and so on but I’ve never really considered going to something that big before.

My curiosity was finally piqued last month when a few friends went up to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham to check out the 63rd Insomnia Gaming Festival. They returned with a lot of memories and interesting things to talk about and it really cemented in my head that next time there was something like that going on, I wanted in.

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Adopinions – Can Battle Royale Games be Classed as Survival Horror?

I have always been a fan of survival horror games. I grew up with games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Project Zero, Dino Crisis, the list goes on and on. Many of these games and their sequels I now count amongst my favourites.

There is a trend I’ve noticed over the years though. The first few games in the genre I tried in the early days did manage to scare me a bit but either through desensitisation or experience these games quickly stopped scaring me for the most part. A feeling of tension usually remained on my first playthrough of games, but by nature of the games usually being the same on repeat runs that never lasted.

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